Self-driving vehicles and
autonomous transportation

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The world’s most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle that suits into the existing infrastructure, and operates on public roads already today.

Auve Tech specializes in the development and manufacturing of autonomous transportation systems. We offer a full-scope service that entails autonomous vehicles, their integration to various environments and fleet management.

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Main fields

First-and-last-mile transportation

Extending public transportation with a weatherproof first-and-last-mile service from a bus, tram or train stop to the doorstep in business centers and residential areas with the aim of reducing the trips taken with personal cars. Helping cities to effectively use their grounds by freeing areas from parking cars.

Only-mile transportation

Making many simple routes more comfortable by providing autonomous connections. Useful for families with kids, the elderly and the disabled, especially during adverse weather.

Ride as an experience

See the city from a different point of view. The future of mobility is already here and ready to be experienced. Take a ride on our shuttle, relax and enjoy the autonomous experience.

Use cases

Use cases map

Full Year in Finland: A Model for Future Urban Mobility

Finland Public transport
Read more about Full Year in Finland: A Model for Future Urban Mobility

Revolutionizing Transportation at Tallinn Airport

Read more about Revolutionizing Transportation at Tallinn Airport

Netherlands, Helmond

Ricany, Czech Republic

Czech Republic, Praha

Norway, Kongsberg

Ülemiste City Business District

Estonia Tallinn Public transportation
Read more about Ülemiste City Business District

Greece, Lamia

Greece Public transport

Auve’s shuttles become the first autonomous transportation deployed on the roads of Greece

Read more about Greece, Lamia

Finland, Tampere Hiedanranta

Finland Public transport

Driverless shuttles improving public transportation reachability internationally

Read more about Finland, Tampere Hiedanranta

Estonia, Spring Fair at the Open Air Museum

Estonia Tallinn Public transport

Fairly easy commute

Read more about Estonia, Spring Fair at the Open Air Museum

Estonia, Tallinn Lasnamäe

Estonia Public transportation

Last-mile solutions in a residential area once again

Read more about Estonia, Tallinn Lasnamäe

Estonia, Winter holidays in Tallinn´s Old Town

Estonia Public transportation

Autonomous solutions in the heart of Tallinn

Read more about Estonia, Winter holidays in Tallinn´s Old Town

Poland, Gdańsk

Poland Gdańsk Public transportation Autonomous

Autumn in Poland

Read more about Poland, Gdańsk

Finland, Helsinki Vuosaari

Finland Helsinki Public transportation

An overview of how we tried to implement our shuttle into the traffic as a regular bus.

Read more about Finland, Helsinki Vuosaari

Estonia, Tartu Roosi Street

Estonia Public transportation

The street of roses and autonomous shuttles

Read more about Estonia, Tartu Roosi Street

Estonia, Autovabaduse Avenue

Estonia Public transportation

Freedom for Iseauto

Read more about Estonia, Autovabaduse Avenue

Estonia, Pirita

Estonia Public transportation

Green transport for a green district

Read more about Estonia, Pirita

WRC Rally Estonia

Estonia Public transport
Read more about WRC Rally Estonia

WRC Rally Estonia 2022

Estonia Tartu Public transport
Read more about WRC Rally Estonia 2022

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