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Enhancing Mobility in Hervanta

Hervanta is a thriving suburb approximately 10 kilometres from Tampere’s city centre in Finland. With a population of over 26,000 residents and its proximity to Tampere University of Technology, the district has emerged as a hub for science, technology, and academia. Hervanta boasts a diverse residential landscape, ranging from apartments and single-family homes to student housing, creating a culturally vibrant atmosphere. It has a well-developed infrastructure, a range of recreational amenities and various shopping centres, but the area is connected to the Tampere city centre with a tram connection, which has created a need to improve the accessibility of tram traffic. 

Auve Tech autonomous shuttle in Hervanta Tampere

Launched as part of the EU-funded SHOW (Shared automation operation models for worldwide adoption) project aiming to integrate automated mobility services with public transportation systems, Auve Tech deployed autonomous shuttles as feeder service to the main tram line in Hervanta. This project, which encompasses a consortium of cities, manufacturers, and operators of automatic vehicles, aims to pave the way for the widespread adoption of automated transport solutions.  

To maximise accessibility and meet the diverse needs of Hervanta’s residents, the service operated on a tailored schedule: 

  • From January to June: Weekdays from 7:00 to 17:00, catering to peak commuting hours and providing consistent daytime service. 
  • From July to December: Responding to observed demand patterns, service hours were adjusted to 7:40-10:00 and 13:20-15:20 on weekdays, focusing on peak usage times to enhance service efficiency and user convenience.


Auve Tech autonomous shuttles on the road in Finland Tampere Hervanta

Adapting to Urban Complexity

The project navigated various challenges, including managing a 3.1 km route of mixed traffic conditions and adapting to seasonal changes. Notably, the vehicles had to operate alongside trams and under limited speed conditions, which were effectively managed.  

  • Seasonal Route Mapping: Adjustments to the route were made to accommodate the transition from winter to spring, ensuring continuous operation. 
  • Fleet Adaptation for Weather: Additional vehicles were deployed to mitigate battery performance during colder months, maintaining service reliability. 
Auve Tech on the road in Tampere, Hervanta

Quantitative and Qualitative Successes

During the project, Auve Tech’s Iseauto shuttles covered 15,430 kilometres, of which 96% were in autonomous operations, successfully transporting 4,635 passengers. This operational success underscores the project’s efficiency and the robustness of the technology in real-world conditions. 

  • Operating Partner Remoted: Reported overall positive outcomes with the project’s implementation and results, leading to a proposal for a six-month extension to continue exploring the benefits and impacts of the service.  
  • Tampere City: Expressed satisfaction with the higher-than-expected operational percentage and passenger numbers, indicating a strong performance beyond expectations. 
  • Passengers: Provided predominantly positive feedback, with inquiries about the project’s continuation, reflecting a keen interest in the service’s future.
Auve Tech autonomous bus on the road with a public transport bus


Our contribution to the SHOW project in Hervanta, Finland not only showcases the potential of autonomous vehicles to enhance urban public transport systems but also sets a precedent for future mobility solutions. Through our dedicated service schedule, adaptive strategies to operational challenges, and the positive feedback received from all stakeholders, we’ve demonstrated the viability, efficiency, and community acceptance of integrating AVs into existing transport frameworks. 

As we look to the future, we are committed to continuing our exploration of innovative mobility solutions that can make urban transportation more sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly. We invite cities, transport authorities, potential partners, and communities to join us in this journey towards transforming urban mobility. 

“We are impressed by Auve Tech’s reactiveness to respond on customer requests. We all know that every now and then, there are problems. Auve Tech has demonstrated outstanding service and customer support. Every AV manufacturer is making promises when they are selling products, but you guys always “walk the talk”. Honestly this is one real reason why Remoted is so keen to collaborate with Auve Tech.” – Mika Rytkönen, CBO, Remoted Oy

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