Auve Tech is a partners of the LivingLAPT

The goal of this program is to show how new technologies can be used to solve real problems in real cities by carrying people, goods, and waste in more intelligent ways.
The project was held at the beginning of autumn but the weather was delicate and was not a threat to the operations in Helmond.

The second LivingLAPT destination was in the Automotive Campus in Gemeente Helmond, the Netherlands. The first week was allocated for various tests and the second week was dedicated to the demos.

During the last demo on the 15th of September, we were honoured to meet King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands who were amongst the passengers and got familiar with the future of mobility and autonomy. Auve Tech’s self-driving shuttle was awaiting the royal couple on their arrival and they were given a demonstration of the future of mobility and the safety features of the autonomous shuttle.

This opportunity took place in the city of Helmond which the royals visited during their regional visit which also passed through the municipalities of Deurne and Gemert-Bakel. The regional visit was dominated by developments in nature conservation, the future of the agricultural sector, and innovative entrepreneurship.

The fully closed area was used for research and testing purposes by Automotive Campus. The route was a single line 208 m long – the loop included 1 bus stop purposefully used only during the demo rides and 1 traffic light.
Over 100 passengers have experienced teleoperated rides to check the acceptance of alternative transportation amongst the general public.

The complexity of the environment

The environment was a great testing ground to test the bus and our partners provided many solutions on how to test obstacle detection and obstacle avoidance.
For those experiments were used a mannequin to imitate a pedestrian crossing the road and stacked pyramid barriers to block the way for the teleoperated bus.

Challenges tackled

Our team is proud to say there were no challenges for us. The autonomy market is a very young field and many things should be improved yet Iseauto surpassed the expectations of our partners and they were satisfied with the fruitful cooperation.
The success was possible to achieve because of the operators from Future Mobility who were cooperative and fully engaged in the process.