Auve Tech was honoured to have high-ranking passengers

After a successful performance in 2020 in partnership with WRC Estonia Auve Tech was able to present the shuttles to the fans of speed and adrenaline at the main venue of the event.
The first teleoperations were performed during the opening show with the VIP guests.

High-ranking passengers in Tartu as well: the President of Estonia, senior director of WRC Estonia, and mayor of Tartu who introduced Iseauto to the audience and shared their thoughts on autonomy and possible alternative solutions that can be easily implemented into daily life around Estonia, Europe and even the world.

Operational environment

Teleoperations were also performed on stage. As we all know, WRC is a competition for drivers, co-drivers, manufacturers and teams. The skills of each get tested on the specially designed routes – stages. SS1 was next to Raadi Mõisa Park, and the length of the route was 1,64 km.
The third teleoperation were done on the last day of the WRC Estonia. We drove the award presenters to the stage and it was the last memory from WRC Estonia 2021.

The complexity of the environment

The main venue had a spacious long platform so the bus could drive down on the ground. This environment wasn’t complex so everything went well.
Unlike the first case, the special stages (SSs) are specially designed to create an unrealistic for regular driving environments so the participants can show their best skills. Our team was not an exception. The surface was extremely uneven with a lot of turns but the bus was successfully teleoperated without any problems.

There were two more buses presented next to ERM for four days straight: a well-known Iseauto fully powered with batteries and the world’s first autonomous shuttle powered by hydrogen.