Product info


Vehicle category: Autonomous shuttle bus
Number of seats: 8
Type: electric
Drivetrain: RWD
Output power: 41 kW
Speed limit: electronically limited up to 25 km/h

Engine & Accumulator
Capacity: 17.6 kWh
Operating time per day: up to 20 h
Charging time: 3 hours, 55 min with fast charger


Length: 4200 mm (165.35”)
Width: 1850 mm (72.83”)
Height: 2500 mm (98.43”)
Curb weight: 1660 kg (3527 lbs)
Permissible mass: 2500 kg (5512 lbs)

Obstacle tracking

Cameras: 360° view with 10 external cameras, 2 interior cameras
Lidar sensors: 2x Robosense Bpearl, 2x Hesaitech PandarXT-32, 2x Velodyne Ultra Puck, 1xRobosense M1
Radar: Smartmicro automotive sensor
GNSS: Xsens / 2 antennas
IMU: 1 unit


Emergency stop buttons: 2 internal, 2 external
Exit: 1 door, 1 sunroof emergency exit
Emergency brake: Automatic
Parking brake: Automatic

autonomous shuttle bus MiCa, Auve Tech


Air conditioning: Yes
Doors: Double doors
Teleoperation: Yes
Connectivity: 4g/5g compatibility
User interface: 9” inside touchscreen, 2x 21.5” information screen, 2x exterior led screens
Wheelchair accessibility: On demand electric ramp