First Estonian-made car was sold to Japan

Estonian tech company Auve Tech sent the first new generation autonomous vehicle MiCa to Japan. Compared to the previously known Auve Tech’s Iseauto, the new generation has taken a very big step forward in development.  

Auve Tech founder Väino Kaldoja and Japanese Ambassador Matsumura Yukihiko attached the last symbolic detail to the vehicle yesterday, and the vehicle was sent to Japan where it will be received by Auve Tech’s partner Boldly, a subsidiary of Softbank and Japanese market leader in autonomous transport services.   

“The new generation autonomous vehicle MiCa is designed to see and perceive everything around it in 360 degrees,” said Väino Kaldoja, the founder of Auve Tech: “We have based the development of the car on the need to bring the security operator out of the vehicle and create the ability for one operator to monitor several vehicles at the same time.”

According to the Ambassador Yukihiko Matsumura, the sale of the first Estonian-made car to Japan is a historic step, as the Japanese car industry is very advanced and Japanese customers are very demanding. “The fact that the fruit of the development work of Estonian engineers is competive in Japan is a great compliment to Estonia as a whole,” added Matsumura.