BOLDLY partners with Estonia-based Auve Tech to roll out new autonomous shuttle “MiCa” in Japan

The new shuttle will be capable of obstacle avoidance and rapid charging, and is expected to realize level 4 autonomous driving mobility services BOLDLY Inc., (President and CEO: Yuki Saji, hereinafter “BOLDLY”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., and Auve Tech (CEO: Johannes Mossov), an Estonian enterprise designing and manufacturing level 4 autonomous shuttles, including the world’s first autonomous shuttle running on hydrogen, have agreed to a strategic collaboration. With the cooperation of BOLDLY, which has extensive knowledge and exper-tise in automated driving services in Japan, Auve Tech will proceed with the development of a new au-tomated driving vehicle for the Japanese specifications of the new autonomous shuttle “MiCa” which is compatible with Level 4 automated driving announced on October 21, 2022. BOLDLY aims to introduce a Japan-specification model of “MiCa” by the end of FY2022 and have it running on public roads in Japan by the end of FY2023, connected to “Dispatcher,” an operation management platform developed by BOLDLY. BOLDLY will be the first company to introduce Auve Tech vehicles in Japan*1, and the two companies will promote efforts to realize automated Level 4 mobility services in Japan.

Auve Tech specialises in the development and manufacturing of autonomous transportation systems for transporting passengers and goods. They offer a full-scope service that entails the autonomous vehi-cles, their integration into various environments and teleoperation management. The shuttle is aimed at enhancing last-mile transportation offering alternative means of transport in closed areas and mixed traf-fic environments that are safe, smart, and sustainable. Auve Tech has demonstrated its technology in various commercial projects in 12 countries over the past few years and has already proven that its ve-hicles can provide real autonomous mobility.

BOLDLY is working towards the realization of sustainable public transport using autonomous driving and other technologies. As an industry leader, BOLDLY has conducted more than 120 pilot projects in Japan and has achieved the continuous operation of autonomous shuttles in 2 locations in Japan. “Dispatcher” can currently be connected to more than 25 different types of automated vehicles, contributing to the growth of autonomous driving the widespread adoption of automated driving services.

Features of Japanese version Auve Tech’s new autonomous shuttles “MiCa” (planned)

  1. Obstacle avoidance function
    Equipped with 7 LiDAR (LIDAR) sensors*2 and 8 cameras, the vehicle detects and automatically avoids obstacles. Fully autonomous unmanned operation is possible.
  2. Rapid charging
    Fast charging model of “MiCa” is fully charged under 1h, allowing a single vehicle to operate for an ex-tended period of time.
  3. Compact design
    Although compact (length 4200mm, width 1800mm, height 2500mm), the vehicle’s spacious interior can comfortably accommodate eight people. Its ability to turn in a small radius makes it suitable for driving on narrow roads.
  4. Adaptable to various weather conditions
    Equipped with the latest sensors and software, the vehicle can operate even in snowy or heavy rain en-vironments*3.
  5. Redundant configuration of critical equipment and systems
    All the safety-related systems like steering, braking, computers, and sensors are made redundant to minimize the risks and of vehicle failures.

Johannes Mossov, co-founder, and CEO of Auve Tech, said “Our aim is to make commuting beyond the use of personal cars. Autonomous last-mile vehicles can play a vital role in the change of making the transport sector efficient by enhancing last-mile transportation by offering alternative means of transport in closed areas and mixed traffic environments that are safe, smart, and sustainable. Strategic coopera-tion with strong players like BOLDLY will expedite the go-to-market considerably and help us meet the quickly increasing demand.”

Yuki Saji, CEO of BOLDLY, said “BOLDLY has being researching more than 30 different autonomous mobility types around the world. The partnership with Auve Tech was concluded due to the fact that Japanese technology is utilized in the architecture of the vehicles developed by Auve Tech and designed with an understanding of Japanese safety standards., BOLDLY will operate Auve Tech’s mobility in co-operation with Japanese transport operators, aiming to realize the government’s target of ‘implementing autonomous mobility services in 40 regions by 2025’, and contributing to sustainable public transport.”