Some of the most observant visitors of Tallinn Zoo have noticed a new creature roaming around. Worry not, the newcomer is friendly and hopefully there to stay.

Meeting the fellows

Auve Tech has started a cooperation project with Tallinn Zoo in order to use the grounds of the zoo for testing and implementing the autonomous shuttle Iseauto. Although the visitors cannot enjoy the driverless rides through the park yet, the bus is actively tested and the aim of the project is to carry out autonomous park tours in the future.

The zoo is not only a delightful and interesting environment to work at, it is also a great testbed for the electric autonomous vehicle. An infrastructure of closed area roads helps the development team to test various mapping technologies and play out different scenarios.

Iseauto is making friends already!

Kristjan, the project manager for this project says that Iseauto and the team has been welcomed to the zoo with open arms and the cooperation has gone very successfully so far. We are expecting to have our first public drives already this spring!